Signature of the Celestial Spheres The Program

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The Computer Program
Signature of the Celestial Spheres

The program ‘Signature of the Celestial Spheres’ invites you to embark on a journey of discovery through our cosmic home with its extraordinary phenomena of movement.

In this example – in 3 (out of 750) steps – we have a five-fold star-flower created by the linklines between Venus (green) and the Earth over the course of 8 years.

You will get to know the phenomena of planetary movement and the basics of astronomy in a vivid, exciting and playful way. These pictures allow you to experience the marvellous order in our solar system which confirms in an entirely new way the age-old dream of a harmony of the spheres.

Detailed information

Download Trial Version (3402 KB) (Valid 30 days, with limited functions; self-installing file: after downloading, simply click on it and follow the instructions).
Important notes on operation:
To select a new representation, the running one must first be terminated (press ‘Exit’ on the operating panel or Esc key). You can cancel the start animation, which you see initially, by pressing the Esc key.
Installation Guide (PDF)
Short User Guide (PDF)

Single-user version (for private use only): from 25 GBP / 29 Euro / 32 USD,
depending on your income, including free updates for 3 years.
Prices (school version, discounts for multiaccess licence, etc.)

Order a licence:
(The trial version can be activated fully; all functions will be enabled by the licence).

System Requirements:
‘Signature of the Celestial Spheres’ is a Windows program and runs on all major versions:
Millennium / XP / Vista / Windows 7/8/10.
On some computers, it may be better to run the program under Vista and Win 7/8/10 in compatibility mode for XP.
On Mac, the program will run with a Windows simulator.
Minimum screen resolution: 800*600 pixels.

For an example of the program user interface, click to enlarge: